How to take care of your jewelry during the Summer

  • Sol Rivero

The beach, the refreshing water, the scalding sun… everything’s fun during the summer, but your accessories might suffer if you don’t take care of them properly. To help you out, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to take care of your jewelry during the Summer, to keep it from scratching, fading or staining.

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Tips on how to take care of your jewelry during the Summer

It’s the sunniest season of the year, and you’ll be lathering your body with sunscreen, traveling around a lot, and probably taking some of your favorite fashion jewelry to complement your outfits. However, if you want your favorite necklace, charm bracelet or statement ring to last you a lifetime, there are some simple steps you should follow during the summer to protect them from the harsh weather:

  • Take it off before swimming:

Salty and chlorinated water is terrible for your accessories, since its components get stuck on small, unreachable spaces, where they stay and corrode and weaken the materials. If, after swimming with your accessories for a while, you fail to dry them and proceed to expose them to sunlight, then they’ll probably get stained and damaged.   

To avoid this, simply take all your jewelry off before going for a swim, and make sure your skin is completely dry before putting it on again.

  • Avoid exposure to substances:

Summer means wearing tons of sunscreen and creams to protect your skin and hair from the damaging effects of the sunlight. Nonetheless, these harsh chemicals tend to damage the outer layers of your jewelry, sometimes staining it permanently.

After applying sunscreen, perfume, makeup and other substances on your skin, give it from five to ten minutes to rest and be absorbed before putting on your fashion jewelry, and make sure you clean it thoroughly after using it using a dry and soft cloth.

  • Keep it to the minimum:

Since your fashion jewelry can get damaged easily if you don’t protect it correctly, it’s better to stay on the safe side by just wearing a few essential pieces, like a cute necklace or a lovely bracelet. For summer essentials, don’t forget a floppy beach hat and a pair of beautiful sunglasses, since they’ll complement your beach outfit perfectly while also helping you shield your skin and face from the scorching sun.

  • Protect it when you’re traveling:

It’s very likely you’ll be traveling around to enjoy the sunniest months, and if you want to avoid permanent damages to your jewelry such as cracking, you’ll have to take some preventive measures. When you’re traveling, store each piece in a small and separate bag made of plastic or a soft fabric. Doing this will prevent it from getting scratched or tangled with other pieces.

If you have a small jewelry box, you can organize your bags in it, and place it above everything else on your suitcase. If not, use a normal box and line the interior with a soft fabric. When you reach your destination, keep your jewelry in a safe place like a closet or a cabinet. Make sure your fashion jewelry is properly shielded from the sun, and that it remains in a dry place.

Hats and sunglasses should also be kept safely stored inside cabinets or in the closet, while scarves and handbags should be organized in a clothes hanger so they won’t lose their shape.


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