What to wear to work during the Summer: tips on how to stay cool

  • Sol Rivero

An office suit is not exactly anyone’s idea of a comfy outfit during the warm months, and for many, their workplace becomes an almost bearable inferno. Today, we give you some ideas on what to wear to work during Summer with our tips on how to stay cool while still looking chic!


What to wear to work during the Summer #5: Breathable shoes

Most workplaces will want you to wear closed-toe shoes, so you’ll have to forget about wearing your comfy sandals, even if it’s hot outside. Your best alternative is to opt for shoes with breathable materials which will keep your feet cool no matter how many miles you have to work. Avoid synthetic or waterproof materials, and opt for vegan leather or cotton.  

Don’t forget to wear thin cotton socks no matter how hot it’s outside. Socks will absorb your feet’s moisture, protecting them from fungus and irritation.


What to wear to work during the Summer #4: Few layers

Adding too many layers to a summer attire is a recipe for disaster. If your work outfit requires an obligatory extra layer, opt for a cropped blazer, a shawl with a bold pattern, or, if possible, just opt for a light chiffon scarf. Keep your work ensemble as simple and light as possible so you can stay cool throughout the day.

To add a little more elegance to a minimal look, just add some metallic accessories and a daring shade of lipstick.  


What to wear to work during the Summer #3: Skirts

Wearing dress pants during a full summer day at the office is probably no-one’s idea of comfort. However, most workplaces will allow women to wear skirts. If possible, simply opt for a pleated and flowing midi-skirt, or an elegant flowing dress, which allows your legs to enjoy some fresh air. Wear light colors such as white, blue or green, and skip darker shades unless you’re wearing thick fabrics.

Also, avoid body-con dresses in thin materials, especially if you’re wearing dark colors, since thinner fabrics absorb heat and pass it on towards your body more quickly.


What to wear to work during the Summer #2: Sheer, but moderately

Sheer clothes are a staple for the summer, and they’re great options for staying cool during the summer. They also look very elegant –most of the time-, so it’s no wonder they’re a favorite during the warm months. Still, see-through clothes can send the wrong message if not worn properly. If the fabric is too thin, or if your underwear is exposed, then skip it completely.

Opt for paneled sheer blouses which expose safe areas of your body (shoulders, arms, etc.), and always combine them with more solid pieces.  


What to wear to work during the Summer #1: Not too-casual clothes

Even if it’s too hot outside, that’s not a good enough reason for strolling into your office with denim shorts and a t-shirt. Skip anything that exposes too much of your skin and makes you look vulgar or too casual. The key to stay cool during the summer is to pick the right pieces, fabrics and colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice elegance due to the heat.

Also, you can’t forget to keep your body hydrated by eating water-rich foods throughout the day and drinking plenty of water, something that will help you stay cool no matter how suffocating your outfit can seem.



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