Essential fashion rules for petite women

  • Sol Rivero

Some time ago we gathered a few useful tricks on how to look taller, but dressing a petite frame is more than just deceiving the eye to look tall, it’s about looking balanced. Today, we give you a guide of some essential fashion rules for petite women, which every small girl and woman should pay attention to.


Essential fashion rule for petite women #5: Wear shoes with pointed toes

Yes, heels and platforms will definitely add some inches to your body, and they’re great if you want to feel like a glamorous movie star. However, not every girl is fond of these fashion staples, and some studies have showed that wearing heels frequently can actually damage your back and the bones of your feet.

If you’re a girl who appreciates flats and low heels, simply opt for shoes with pointed toes, which create the illusion of length. Heels and flats with these shapes will be perfect for a petite frame.


Essential fashion rule for petite women #4: Pick small accessories

Large shapes can overwhelm your small frame, which is why one of the essential fashion rules you should always remember is to keep your accessories small. A small and thin bracelet, a delicate necklace, and a handbag that’s proportionate to your hands and body, are perfect for making you look balanced and proportionate.

You can layer your accessories just like any other girl, but always keep in mind the idea of proportion. Don’t go overboard with dozens of necklaces and bracelets. Just a few of them will do. Also, opt for necklaces with a “V” shape, since they’ll make your torso look longer.


Essential fashion rule for petite women #3: Say “yes” to long clothes

Many petite girls will avoid maxi dresses or large skirts, for they believe that these clothes will swallow their shape and make them look smaller. Yet, the trick is in picking the right lengths. A hem that falls either above the knee or around your ankles, if combined with a solid piece and an appropriate print, it can be a very flattering look for you.

On the other hand, miniskirts and hems which fall on the middle of your calf will do quite the opposite, so skip them and avoid capris.


Essential fashion rule for petite women #2: Choose descending prints

Anything that point downwards is perfect for your body. Prints with vertical lines, or cascading patterns, are great for tricking the eye and creating the illusion of length, especially if they’re presented in monochrome combinations.

When picking other type of prints (floral, tribal, etc.), make sure you select designs that are proportionate to your body. Choosing prints that are far too large will definitely overwhelm your shape. As a rule, some say that the patterns should be smaller than your fist, so keep that in mind next time you go shopping. 


Essential fashion rule for petite women #1: Fitted clothes are best for your shape

Today we’ve debunked some of the myths you might still have about dressing up a petite frame: yes, you can use low-heeled shoes; yes, you can wear large clothes; and yes, you can definitely wear prints. However, when it comes to the shapes of your clothes, we’ll have to agree with the majority: you must pick pieces that fit your frame, since clothes that are too large or too baggy create an unflattering silhouette and overpower your shape.

If you like loose clothes, then opt for sheer materials, or clothes which are a little close to your body. Avoid textures, and if you’re going to create an outfit with layers, make sure each piece fits your body, accentuating your best features.



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