3 makeup ideas to try during the Summer

  • Sol Rivero

Although makeup is the least of our concerns during the sunny months, occasions will arise in which we’ll need to put on some dashing eye shadow and a bold lipstick. We’ve checked out the trends from the Spring/Summer runways, and today we show you 3 makeup ideas to try during the Summer which you’ll love!


Makeup idea to try during the Summer: Fresh and natural

The natural look was everywhere during the Spring/Summer fashion weeks, and it’s a perfect option for achieving a relaxed daytime look. The key to this makeup look is to use colors that can blend into your skin perfectly, and then finish the look with accents in blush hues.

Create the look

Base: start with a foundation that fits your skin tone. Translucent hues are perfect, since they’ll blend well with your skin. Finish up with a very light coat of translucent powder to seal the base.  

Eyes: use earthy hues such as golden and light brown, and apply them lightly from your top lid towards your brow bone. You can apply white eyeliner on the waterline of your lower lid to give you a fresh look. Then, apply some waterproof mascara and fill in your eyebrows.

Lips: for a healthy effect, use a lively lipstick in a coral or blush hue, and apply some transparent gloss to make them pop.

Cheeks and T-zone: apply a light bronzer and a coral blush to finish up.  


Makeup idea to try during the Summer: Lively and fun

Another popular makeup trend from the Spring/Summer runways consisted in wearing bright and lively colors to complement and upgrade the natural look. For this perfect afternoon makeup look, you’ll need blush hues and a very shocking shade of lipstick.

Create the look

Base: like the natural look, start with translucent hues for your foundation and powder.

Eyes: you can opt for adding a little color with a very light layer of earthy eye shadow, or even create a bolder look with golden and dark brown. In both cases, complement it with a very thin brush of brown or black eyeliner, and waterproof mascara. Comb your eyebrows and fill them in with a light color.

Lips: the key to this look is to wear an eye-catching shade of lipstick. Orange was the main favorite, so get an orange lips liner and fill your lips with a bright hue of orange lipstick.  

Cheeks and T-zone: use a soft pink blush on your cheekbones for a healthy and perkier look.


Makeup idea to try during the Summer: Bold and sexy

Finally, we throw caution to the wind, and break a few makeup rules for this risky nighttime look. For this makeup you’ll have to focus in both eyes and lips with bright and sparkly shades. For such a shocking look, opt for a monochromatic and simple outfit to balance it out.

Create the look

Base: start with a foundation and powder that fit your skin stone and have perfect coverage, since your face will be the center of attention.

Eyes: take a sparkly makeup palette and choose complementary colors, such as blue and purple, golden and bronze, etc. Apply the base color on your top lid and under your lower waterline. Then, apply the complementary shade on the outward corners of your eyes and blur them towards your temple.

Apply black eyeliner on your lower waterline and a thin line on your upper lid, and blur it towards the corners. Emphasize your brow bone using a light shade similar to your skin tone.

Finally, apply black mascara and, if needed, use some fake lashes for extra volume. Fill in your eyebrows.

Lips: use a bright shade of red or golden matte lipstick.

Cheeks and T-zone: apply a very light layer of bronzer, and a very light shade of coral blush if needed.


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