How to pick the right jewelry for your wedding dress

  • Sol Rivero

Walking down the aisle soon? There’s so much to worry about, you might even forget entirely about how you’ll be accessorizing your wedding gown! To help you out, here are some of the most crucial tips on how to pick the right jewelry for your wedding dress. Check them out!


How to pick the right jewelry for your wedding dress: Essential Tips

Wedding dresses are incredibly unique, but they might look cheap or exaggerated if you complement them with unsuitable accessories. These are the 3 basics rules you should consider when you pick them:


  • Consider your dress

Is your dress simple? Does it have ruffles or embroidery? Does it have an unusual cut? When you select jewelry for your wedding dress, you must always pick something which matches and also balances the shape and texture of the gown.

As a general rule, a very simple dress should be complemented with eye-catching accessories. If your dress has a very matte fabric, it will be good to add some sparkle through accessories with crystals. If it’s a one-sleeved dress, you can balance it by wearing a dashing bracelet on your nude arm.

On the other hand, if your dress is quite complicated, then it’s better to opt for simple jewelry which won’t divert the eyes from the gown, but help enhance it. Classic jewelry is always better for these gowns: pearls, small crystals, metallic jewels and stud earrings, will look perfect.



Here are some great combinations according to your gown’s shape:


Sweetheart or V necklines: wear a V-shaped collar with stud earrings, or large drop earrings.

Square, asymmetric and high-neck dresses: skip necklaces, and opt for drop earrings instead.

One-shoulder or backless dress: skip necklaces, opt for eye-catching earrings and a cuff bracelet.

Sleeveless dresses: wear an eye-catching bracelet.

Long sleeves: skip bracelets, and let the wedding ring be the center of attention.


  • Consider the color:

Think of the color of your wedding dress as the foundation on which everything else should be based: from your makeup to your accessories. White is the all-time favorite, yet nowadays unusual hues such as blue, lilac and pink are gaining popularity amongst designers and women who want to stand out.

Most colors will look great with classic metallic jewelry or pearls. However, keep in mind that although your jewelry should match the dress, it should also be an accent, so avoid the common mistake of having a golden gown with matching golden accessories. Try to highlight the undertones of your dress with the proper jewelry: white or blue with silver; champagne, rose or ivory with gold; golden with bronze; etc. And don’t forget that rose gold looks great with every hue!


  • Consider your comfort:

On your wedding day, accessories should be large and eye-catching, but that doesn’t mean that you should suffer for it! Avoid wearing heavy or uncomfortable jewelry which will distract you from actually enjoying your day. Always remember that simplicity is the key to elegance, so choose glamorous and effortless pieces, and never over-accessorize.

You can also opt for changing your jewelry for the reception. This is a great choice if you’re determined to wear those large earrings or stunning cuff bracelet you love. By changing into something more comfortable and simple after the ceremony, you can have the best of both worlds without sacrificing style.


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