Tim Gunn’s best fashion and style advice

  • Sol Rivero

The famous Project Runway mentor, Tim Gunn, turned 61 yesterday, and we join the celebration by compiling some of his best quotes and style tips just for you! Read on and discover Tim Gunn’s best fashion and style advice!

Fashion and style advice from Tim Gunn #4: Make an inventory

When asked about how to keep a great closet with a tight budget, the fashion expert suggests taking a practical approach, and making note of everything you own so you can start investing in the right pieces. “Begin with a closet inventory”, says Gunn, “and assess what it is you need.”

For him, being tight on a budget is not equivalent to making fashion blunders, since he believes it’s easier to slip-up when you have too many pieces in your closet. Take Gunn’s advice: check out everything you own, and make sure you can create proper outfits with it. Then, list what you need, and invest in some classic and adaptable pieces which you can combine to create different outfits.


Fashion and style advice from Tim Gunn #3: Match

For Gunn, it’s very important to be able to create matchy-matchy outfits. “Do you have shoes to match every dress or suit in your closet”, he asks in his book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. “If you have a brown dress and no brown or other matching shoes, why do you still have that brown dress?”, he continues.

The same goes with socks and tights. According to the fashion expert, you should always have enough of them to match every clothing in your wardrobe, so take his advice and check out if you do.


Fashion and style advice from Tim Gunn #2: Be ready for every occasion

Tim Gunn believes in dressing up to the occasion, no matter what. For the fashion mentor, it’s always very important to be ready for any event, from a wedding to a simple date. “Do you have a dress to wear to a funeral? To a wedding? To a business interview?”, he asks. Once again, the trick is in investing on the right classic pieces which you can match and combine.

Also, Gunn considers that no event should demand you to sacrifice your style. You can still look chic during a simple play-date with your kids, by picking the right pieces which are both comfortable and stylish.


Fashion and style advice from Tim Gunn #1: Flatter your shape

Unlike many other personalities from the fashion world, Tim Gunn is a passionate admirer of every male and female silhouette, and he believes the fashion world has neglected petite and fuller figures. To dress any body shape, Gunn’s main tip is to keep in mind three essential words: “silhouette, proportion and fit”, since the right outfit should create the illusion of harmony.

For Gunn, you should start by defining your shape and waistline, and then picking the pieces you’ll need from then. It’s important to know what suits you well: from the right neckline to the right dress length; as long as you know what fits you, you’ll always look great. Also: always keep a waist-belt and a wrap-dress around: they’re perfect for everyone!

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