The top 5 Halloween costume trends for 2014

  • Sol Rivero

October is the month of Halloween! If you’re into this spooky day, then you’ll definitely want to know which will be the hottest costumes out there. Here’s our guide on the top 5 Halloween costume trends for 2014 you should definitely try!


Halloween costume trend for 2014 #5: Characters from TV shows

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Duck Dynasty or The Walking Dead? If the answer is “yes”, then this is your time to shine! Costumes based on characters from trendy TV shows are in vogue for Halloween 2014.

Create your own costume by picking pieces of clothing similar to those worn by the characters in iconic episodes, or check online for the full ensemble.


Halloween costume trend for 2014 #4: Nostalgic characters

Halloween is the perfect time for indulging in a little guilt-free nostalgia! For Halloween 2014, costumes based in popular characters from children books, TV shows, movies, and other media will be extremely popular.

If you prefer a more grown-up version, outfits based on previous decades will also be trendy, especially those inspired in the 50’s and 60’s.  


Halloween costume trend for 2014 #3: Animals

Are you an animal lover, or do you have a wild spirit? Let it loose by picking animal costumes for Halloween 2014! From cute and cuddly animals such as puppies, raccoons and cats, to feral and dangerous creatures such as sharks, lions or leopards, the animal trend is perfect for something unique and fun.

Get inspired by “What does the fox say”, and let your animal counterpart take control for this Halloween!   


Halloween costume trend for 2014 #2: Fairy tale characters

Inspired by Once upon a time, Maleficent and Frozen, fairy tale characters will be everywhere this Halloween. Kids and adults alike can bask in the experience of dressing up as their favorite prince, princess or villain for Halloween 2014, with Disney characters as the perpetual favorites.

For something a little more unique, opt for Renaissance-inspired looks with punk elements, or dark versions of well-known characters.


Halloween costume trend for 2014 #1: Superheroes

There’s a reason the Academy Awards dedicated some time to superheroes this year! From Batman to the Transformers, Teenage Mutant Turtles, The Avengers, and more…superheroes are the main trend for women, men and children this Halloween 2014. You can opt for choosing a sexy spin on the traditional superhero costume, or go with the conventional look instead.

Villains are also extremely popular this Halloween, with costumes based on iconic bad guys as some of the most requested this October.



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