Birthday gift ideas for October 2014

  • Sol Rivero

October is here! Now that fall has begun and the first month of the season has arrived, it’s the perfect time to start planning our birthday presents for the people we love the most. Here’s our guide of birthday gift ideas for October 2014!


Birthday gift idea for October #5: Home décor

Those born in October are usually attracted to beautiful, artistic and peaceful environments, so a great way of pampering them for their birthdays is to give them a present which embodies just that. A good-looking ornament, a set of aromatic candles, or even a bouquet of flowers, will be much appreciated by those born during this month.

However, think about getting them something unusual and exotic. People born in this month thrive in the unique, so make sure you give them just that!


Birthday gift idea for October #4: Craft making sets

October babies are prone to being highly creative individuals with a wonderful imagination, and many of them enjoy using it to produce different crafts, like decorations, handmade accessories, paintings, clothing and more.

A great birthday gift idea for someone born during October, is a craft making set or supplies to help them indulge in their creative hobbies. They’ll certainly appreciate it!


Birthday gift idea for October #3: A luxurious coat

The Fall/Winter season has begun, and there’s no better way of welcoming the new weather than with the fashion staple of autumn: a luxurious coat. Those born during October tend to be persons who love fashion, or at least looking extra good, so make sure you pick something rare and attractive which reflects their personality and also the trends of the season.

You can also opt for other staples of fall, such as a trendy scarf, or a pair of beautiful boots.  


Birthday gift idea for October #2: Translucent jewelry

The official birthstone of October is the opal, a beautiful translucent gemstone which is believed to help those born during this month to deal with life’s woes. Pamper your friend by giving them a cute bracelet with an opal talisman, or simply opt for something more unique by picking translucent jewelry.

You can also opt for jewelry with aquamarine hues, which is considered the alternative birthstone for October.


Birthday gift idea for October #1: Books or music

October folks love knowledge, and they’re extremely intelligent and witty people who love learning. A great birthday gift idea for helping them satiate their hunger, is to pick a book about their favorite topic and giving it to them as a present. You’ll get extra points if you read it too and invite them to speak about it, since they’re highly social persons.

Music is also the fuel to their soul. They’ll love CDs with tunes from their favorite bands, or you can invite them to a concert to have a good time.



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