Wedding dress trends for Fall/Winter 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Tying the knot this season? Although the weather might be cold, there was nothing but warm hues and light dresses at the bridal runways! If you need some inspiration for picking your gown, then here are the wedding dress trends for Fall/Winter 2014 which will help you be a chic bride!


Wedding dress trend for Fall/Winter 2014 #5: Capes

One of the main trends we saw during the Spring/Summer season was the addition of romantic layers to many of the bridal gowns. The trend continues for Fall/Winter 2014, with cover-ups, cropped coats and capes as the favorites.

Look for a highly detailed layer which will highlight your dress with embroidery or appliqués: the favorites are faux feathers and crystals.


Wedding dress trend for Fall/Winter 2014 #4: Crop tops

Yes, crop tops have made it to bridal fashion. If you’re a chic, fun girl who doesn’t mind the cold, then this is the perfect choice for you! Two-piece suits are perfect for showing up your body and giving your gown a unique touch.

If you’re not into this trend, then consider the other exciting favorites of the Fall/Winter 2014 season: short dresses or exposed backs.


Wedding dress trend for Fall/Winter 2014 #3: Metallic hues

Are white and pastels too conventional and boring for you? Luckily, fashion designers have the perfect alternatives for a bride who wants to stand out! For this season, try dashing gowns in metallic hues such as gold or silver. You can opt for a two-piece gown with one of the pieces in metallic, or go all-metallic! It’s the perfect glamorous look for a unique bride.

Complement your look with simple jewelry in metallic shades, or accessories with translucent crystals .


Wedding dress trend for Fall/Winter 2014 #2: Pink

If a metallic gown seems too eccentric for you, then you can always opt for the second favorite of the Fall/Winter season: pink! Blush hues were extremely popular during the Spring/Summer season, but the bridal runways took it one step further with a wide range of options, varying from pastel pink to bubblegum pink.

Unusual colors continue to be popular, so dare to think outside of the box for your special day!   


Wedding dress trend for Fall/Winter 2014 #1: Lace and sheer

Another trend which has survived from previous season is that of highly decorated gowns. For Fall/Winter 2014 the three main trends are gowns with lace sleeves, sheer necklines and gorgeous combinations of both materials with illusion cap sleeves. Floral designs are the most popular, although we also saw simple lines and arabesques on many of the outfits.

This is the perfect trend for an elegant and romantic woman, merging an old-fashioned, glamorous look, with a more youthful and exotic spirit.



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