The top 5 best foods to fight osteoporosis

  • Sol Rivero

Today is the World Osteoporosis Day, which aims to create consciousness about this degenerative bone disease which affects almost one in every two women, and one in every four men, worldwide. To contribute, we’ve decided to investigate which are the top 5 best foods to fight osteoporosis so you can add it to your diet!

Discover them!


Best food to fight osteoporosis #5: Dairy products

Osteoporosis is an affliction which might be caused by the progressive loss of calcium. When most of us think of calcium, dairy products such as milk come to mind. Indeed, dairy products fortified with Vitamin D are perfect for preventing and fighting osteoporosis.

However, if you are intolerant or don’t like dairy products, opt for other alternatives, such as green tea without sugar.  


Best food to fight osteoporosis #4: Spices

Salty foods can help your bones degenerate faster than they should, since they extract the calcium out of them. As an alternative, add spices and other tasty foods so you don’t have to sacrifice neither flavor nor health. Some great options are oregano, rosemary, pepper, cinnamon, etc.

You can also use sodium-free foods such as onions, garlic, vinegars and lemons to add some spice to your meals without putting your bones at risk.


Best food to fight osteoporosis #3: Nuts

Like calcium and vitamin D, magnesium also plays an important part on the fight to keep your bones healthy and strong, as a diet high in calcium but low in magnesium can also produce osteoporosis. Some great sources of magnesium can be found on nuts, such as peanuts, almonds and their butters.

Remember to avoid salted nuts, and eat them without additives instead.


Best food to fight osteoporosis #2: Orange juice

If you’re not really a fan of milk, then orange juice is the second best option for you. Orange juice contains the same amount of calcium as milk, and it’s great for the formation of collagen, which will help your bones stay strong.

Make it more effective by looking for orange juice with fortified vitamin D, and make sure you have at least a glass of it every day.


Best food to fight osteoporosis #1: Green foods

We all know vegetables are great for our health, but did you know that they are also rich in calcium? If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of taking good care of your bones, then adding more green foods is the perfect alternative. Adding collard greens, turnip, broccoli, green peas, lettuce and cabbage to your meals, will help you fight off osteoporosis easily.

However, stay away from spinach and other foods with oxalates, such as rhubarb or beet greens, since they contain oxalic acid, which obstruct calcium absorption.



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