Gift ideas for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

  • Sol Rivero

Will you, your parents or friends be celebrating their wedding anniversary soon? If you’ve been invited to commemorate a couple’s special day, or if you’re celebrating your with your spouse, then this article might help you pick the perfect present to make it extra special for them!

Here are some great gift ideas for a Silver Wedding Anniversary that will give them a day to remember!


What is a Silver Wedding Anniversary?

For a long time, it has been a costume to celebrate couples who manage to stay together well beyond five years. Every anniversary is defined with a name which can influence the nature of the gifts received by the spouses, or even the decoration. They go from wooden (5th anniversary) to diamond (60th anniversary).   

A Silver Wedding Anniversary is the name received by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of a couple’s wedding day -meaning a quarter of a century spent together! The use of silver to commemorate this special day comes from medieval Germany, where the wives received a silver wreath from her friends and family as congratulations, as well as an amulet for good luck.

If you’ve been invited to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary, then the following guide will be perfect for giving you the inspiration you need for your present.

Great gift ideas for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

As seen before, silver is the natural favorite to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a couple’s wedding day. However, you can add an extra touch to your present by following the latest trends, or opting for some of the most popular alternatives.

To help you out with your choice, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Silver statement accessories: of course, a popular option to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary is to present the husband with a pair of elegant silver cuff links, and the wife with a piece of jewelry in a silver hue. Opt for a chic cuff bracelet in silver, or a silver statement necklace. Make sure it’s something that stands out and makes her look absolutely unique!
  • Silver amulets: since silver gifts were originally meant to bring good luck to the happy couple, a wonderful gift idea for a Silver Wedding Anniversary is to give them a trendy talisman. Opt for a bracelet with a Hamsa Hand, or a necklace with their zodiac signs.
  • Silver décor object: another perfect option for including both spouses in the gift, is to present them a decorative object they can both appreciate. An engraved silver box or a silver frame are great and popular options. Try to personalize it by adding a cute picture of the couple, or a message penned by you.
  • Silver ornament: some persons love to turn their Christmas trees into an opportunity of celebrating their life and family. A silver ornament that commemorates their special day can be the perfect present for them. If the couple you’re celebrating loves the holidays, then this might be a great choice!
  • Accessories with a green garnet: if you’re not a fan of silver, then you can always opt for the alternatives. The green garnet is also used to commemorate a Silver Wedding Anniversary, so, if you prefer, consider some jewelry with this gemstone instead.
  • A bouquet of irises: the iris is the official flower of the Silver Wedding Anniversary, so another alternative to the usual silver gift, is to prepare a wonderful bouquet of irises and simply add a touch of silver in a bow or a vase. It will look perfect!


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