4 great DIY last minute costume ideas for Halloween 2014

  • Sol Rivero

So you’ve been invited to a Halloween party but you’re out of budget or ideas for a costume. Don’t go costume-free! All you need for assembling a fun and original costume is a little imagination, and today we’re helping you out by checking out Pinterest and bringing you 4 great DIY last minute costume ideas for Halloween 2014!


Tips for picking a DIY last minute costume for Halloween

Let’s start with the beginning! Are you ready for creating a great DIY last minute costume? Follow these steps, and discover which kind of costume will suit you best:

  • Look at your closet: most DIY last minute costumes are created with clothes you already have, so check out your wardrobe and keep an open eye for anything that can resemble a character from popular culture.
  • Check if you have the materials you need and make a budget: even if you’re just planning on putting some pieces together, it’s very likely you’ll need to attach something to your ensemble, or create an accessory to complement it, so check if you have everything you need, or plan a small budget to get it.
  • Give it your own spin: the most important part is to create something that will stand out. Use your imagination and forget the basics. A witty costume can be just what you need!


Great DIY last minute costume idea for Halloween 2014 #4: Modernized Disney characters

Disney and comic book characters are always extremely popular, and this year one of the biggest trends will be costumes inspired by Frozen. However, if you can’t afford an Elsa costume, or you want something a little more unique, then you can opt for creating modernized versions of the character’s clothes. Just gather the right pieces and accessories, and create the perfect modern-day outfit.

Great DIY last minute costume idea for Halloween 2014 #3: Death makeup

The pieces on your closet don’t work right for creating a modern-day Anna? Are you looking for something a little spookier? Then an easy way out is to opt for a stunning work of makeup. Looks based on the Day of the Dead are extremely popular, so just create a sober outfit and have fun with your makeup palette!


Great DIY last minute costume idea for Halloween 2014 #2: Childhood characters

Another popular trend for this year’s Halloween costumes is bringing back all sorts of nostalgic childhood characters. Some of their outfits can be easily recreated, like with Inspector Gadget or Where’s Waldo; or, if you prefer it, you can modernize them or create witty references to them.



Great DIY last minute costume idea for Halloween 2014 #1: Zombies

If you want something creepy that could possibly scare your friends, then this is the best option! Zombies are “in” this year, given the popularity of TV shows like The Walking Dead. The good thing about a zombie costume is that you can wear virtually any clothes you want. However, you might have to spend a little more on prosthetics and painting for the blood and scars. If you’re ok with that, then go wild with it!



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