What to wear to a Fall/Winter wedding

  • Sol Rivero

So you’ve been invited to a wedding, and you’ve got no idea of what to wear! Dressing up for these events can be quite stressful, as it can be a hit-or-miss situation: you could dress up too formally, or look way too simple; and although nobody wants to outshine the bride, it’s extremely important to dress up properly so you can cause a great impression.

If you’re going to a wedding –or a few of them!- in the next few months, then these tips will be essential for looking your best and creating the perfect outfit!

Here’s our guide on what to wear to a Fall/Winter wedding!  


What to wear to a casual Fall/Winter wedding

As a general rule, if you’ve been invited to a casual wedding you should stay away from large gowns and avoid overdressing. A casual wedding is usually a more fun and light affair, so you should look –and feel- comfortable in your own skin.

Although short dresses are usually a favorite for casual events, it might not be proper for the chilly weather. The best choice for a casual Fall/Winter wedding is creating an outfit with separates: a long pencil skirt with a silk blouse will be perfect for a daytime event; while a pair of classy trousers with a long-sleeved blouse will look great during the evening.

The key to making your outfit look elegant, yet still casual, is in the accessories: classic pumps, metallic jewelry, a colorful handbag, and an elegant shawl to keep you from the cold, might help you create the perfect look for a Fall/Winter wedding.


What to wear to a formal Fall/Winter wedding

Formal events usually entail a more glamorous look which can be achieved with long gowns, high heels and an elegant hairstyle. For a Fall/Winter wedding, opt for outfits with an element which makes them stand-out: lace, embroidery, an unexpected color, or asymmetrical details.

Make sure you stay away from hues which can be considered bridal, such as white, champagne or golden, since this can be frowned upon by the couple. Opt for an embellished outfit in red, green, blue, copper, or even a classic black gown, instead.

If your dress has too many details, complement it with metallic jewelry or crystals. If it’s a more modest getup, then opt for statement accessories in contrasting colors to add some extra glamour. Finally, add some elegance to your Fall/Winter wedding outfit with stilettoes, a clutch in a neutral shade and a faux fur coat.  



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