Healthy snacks for Halloween

  • Sol Rivero

Happy Halloween, everyone! Are you going to a party with your closest friends tonight, indulging your kids in some trick-or-treating, or simply staying home watching movies with the family? Whichever your plans are, they probably involve a large amount of sweets!

However, if you’re looking for an alternative that won’t damage your body or that of your loved ones, then these recipes are perfect for you! Don’t sacrifice flavor or fun, just pick the right ingredients and you’ll have healthy yet spooky appetizers in no time!

Read on, and discover the top healthy snacks for Halloween you should definitely try for tonight!


Healthy snack for Halloween #3: Fruits ghosts

A great way of giving a traditional dip a spooky Halloween spin, is to create cute ghosts with some white coating. The fellows at Candiquik created dipped strawberries with a healthy vanilla coating and a few chocolate chips to create the eyes and mouth of the little ghosts. You can create your own version by picking bananas, apples and other naturally sweet foods, and trying white coatings and frostings.

It’s healthy and easy to do!


Healthy snack for Halloween #2: Mini Jack-O-Lanterns

What is better than combining fruits and sweets to create something fun and unique? This recipe from Fork and Beans lets you do just that! All you need is some oranges, unflavored vegan gelatin, food coloring, and complementary flavors such as apple juice and carrots. Then, create a mini Jack-O-Lantern by cutting the top and carving the orange, and simply filling the interior with whatever you come up with!

Although the original recipe opts for creating an icky-looking substance to resemble some spooky brains, you can go wild with your imagination! Fill it up with small fruits, chocolate, ice cream, or a unique combination of ingredients.


Healthy snack for Halloween #1: Pumpkin cookies

Since we’ve told you about the health benefits of pumpkins before, then you must know they’re not just for decoration! If you’re looking for a recipe which incorporates the traditional flavors of Halloween, but it’s still healthy and simple, then’s might just be it. You’ll need oatmeal, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, raisins, and other regular ingredients for cookies.

This is the perfect recipe for enjoying sweets on this spooky night without compromising your weight or your health, since it’s considerably low on fats compared to standard candy.


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