Birthday gift ideas for November 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Getting a gift for a loved one is not an easy task! Whether it’s a friend, your couple or a family member, you always want it to be just perfect, which is why today we take a look at what’s “in” for the new month, and give you the scoop on what to get for someone born in November!

Here are the top birthday gift ideas for November 2014!


Gift idea for November 2014 #5: Something personalized

Whether it’s handmade by you, or custom made in a specialized store, those born during this month will appreciate something unique that nobody else has. November babies tend to be somewhat self-centered, so they’ll adore anything that is exclusively theirs, like a charm bracelet, a journal, or an item with their name on it.

Although they definitely love luxury, don’t dismiss something simple yet meaningful, like a framed picture or a handmade card.


Gift idea for November 2014 #4: Sheer or lace clothing

November is a month ruled in the zodiac by Scorpio, a sign known by their fiery and adventurous nature. Scorpios tend to be bold and sensual, and they love to look great, since they adore being the center of attention. To pamper them, go with this fall’s trends with a piece of clothing or lingerie with sheer or lace in lively colors: it will allow them to show off their bodies and look extra trendy!

If your friend is more conservative, then opt for a bodycon dress, or a piece which hugs their figure nicely.


Gift idea for November 2014 #3: Red accessories

November babies have an innately passionate and brave nature, something that should come through in everything they use. If your friend or loved one enjoys accessories, then the best option is to get them something in eye-catching colors: a necklace with red beads; a bracelet with red hues, or a purse with fiery shades, will complement their personality and outfit perfectly.

The official birthstones of the month are the topaz and the citrine, so you can also opt for statement accessories in these earthy hues instead.


Gift idea for November 2014 #2: A witty board game

Those born in November tend to be extremely sharp-tongued and social persons. Although they might seem cold when they speak their mind freely, they’re actually quite fond of their closest friends and enjoy having a good time with them. A great gift idea for those born during this month, is to get them an unusual and fun board game, like Cards Against Humanity or Say Anything.

Think about something that allows them to show off their intelligence, while also letting them to share a good time with their buddies.


Gift idea for November 2014 #1: An adventure

The best gift for a November baby can’t really be wrapped on paper. What folks born during this month love most is being presented with an unusual challenge. A great way of doing that is to invite them to an adventure: how about taking a road trip, visiting a haunted house, or traveling to a brand new place?

The larger and crazier the adventure, the more November babies will appreciate it!



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