Beauty tips: how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face

  • Sol Rivero

The new season has begun, and it’s the perfect time for considering in investing not only in new clothes and accessories, but also in a brand new look to get you ready for the colder, last months of the year.

Today, we bring you a few essential beauty tips for giving yourself a makeover by learning how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face considering your features.

Check them out!


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face – Step #1: Consider the shape of your face

The 1st and most essential step when you want to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face, is to determine its shape. Is it angular, long, rounded, larger on the forehead, proportionate…? Take a look at your reflection in the mirror and define the most noticeable features of your face, like a large chin, or prominent cheeks.

The most widespread face shapes are:

  • Rectangular: if length and width are the same.
  • Round: if the jaw and cheekbones have the same width, and your chin has a rounded point.
  • Long: if the forehead and jaw are long.
  • Heart-Shaped: if the forehead is wider than the jaw, and your chin is long and pointy.
  • Oval: if the face is longer than wider.

Once you know your face shape, you can begin to define which hairstyle will look best on you. As a general rule, the longer the face, the shorter the haircut should be and vice versa, although a long yet layered hairstyle could also work. If your face has sharp angles or you’re looking to hide a wide forehead, you can use bangs, layered haircuts or wavy hairstyles to soften the edges. The trick is to create balance.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face – Step #2: Consider the texture

Now that you know which hairstyles can help you enhance or even out certain features, the next step for choosing the perfect hairstyle is to consider the hair itself. The texture of your hair is just as important as knowing your face shape, since every type of hair has its own characteristics which can damage a perfectly good haircut or hairstyle.

The shorter the haircut, the quicker it will frizz, and certain textures, like, for example, curly hair, can get frizzy faster than straight hair, so short haircuts and hairstyles will look less stunning on people with this type of hair. If you have unruly hair, consider longer haircuts, since they’ll weigh it down; while thin hair will look fuller with short hairstyles, and straight hair will look better with a layered cut.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face – Step #3: Consider your body

So now you’ve selected the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and the texture of your hair, and now you’re ready to go to the salon, right? Well, think again! The last step when you’re choosing the perfect hairstyle is to consider the rest of your body.

Two of the main features you must contemplate are your height and your weight, since your hairstyle can add or take a few pounds and years to your general appearance. For example, longer hair tends to make you look younger and shorter, so petite girls can look childish with a long hairstyle. On the other hand, a straight hairstyle will look unflattering on curvy girls, since it will highlight their curves; and a short cut won’t look as good on a very thin person, or someone with a short neck.


Consider your features and what you want to highlight or conceal about your face and body. If you have any doubts, just go for a V-shaped hairstyle that falls just above your shoulders: it looks good on almost everyone!


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