The top health benefits of Sweet Potatoes

  • Sol Rivero

November is Sweet Potato Awareness Month! No, we’re not kidding! A campaign which aims to help people differentiate sweet potatoes from yams has become a national event in the US since 2006.

However, whether you’ve confused them all your life or not, the truth is sweet potatoes are one of the most popular power foods for the fall which you should definitely add to your diet during the upcoming months.

Wondering why? Then read on and check out the top health benefits of sweet potatoes!


Health Benefit of Sweet Potatoes #5: They’re good for your skin

Sweet potatoes are storage roots which contain plenty of vitamins. Amongst them, vitamins C and D are great for keeping your skin looking beautiful, since it produces collagen which helps it remain youthful and elastic. These foods are also great for building healthy bones and teeth, so they’re great for complementing a regular exercising routine.

They also contain plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, so they can protect you against toxins, as well as help you heal wounds.


Health Benefit of Sweet Potatoes #4: They give you energy

Feeling a little down or tired? Add sweet potatoes to your meals! These naturally sweet foods contain a good amount of iron which can give you a healthy energy boost when you most need it. Also, the sugar they contain is not damaging for your body, since sweet potatoes can actually improve your blood sugar regulation, and their caloric energy is burned slowly.

No time to cook them? Try a sweet potato smoothie, and you’ll be ready to face your daily tasks!


Health Benefit of Sweet Potatoes #3: They fight off degenerative diseases

Amongst their many minerals and vitamins, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin B6, which is great for controlling homocysteine, a chemical that’s actively linked to degenerative diseases. Since it also contains carotenoids, these foods can boost your immune system, and effectively protect you against diseases such as cancer, as well as the effects of aging.


Health Benefit of Sweet Potatoes #2: They’re good for your heart

Homocysteine can also harden arteries and vessels, making you vulnerable to heart diseases. However, as seen before, sweet potatoes contain vitamin B6 and antioxidants, which not only help your body control this substance, but also keep your bloodstream clean.

These healthy fall foods also contain minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which regulate your heartbeat, nerve signals, and can help you lower blood pressure.


Health Benefit of Sweet Potatoes #1:  They help reduce stress

As the holidays approach, our stress levels increase, and some of us might start feeling tired, depressed or anxious. Luckily for us, sweet potatoes contain magnesium, a mineral which produces relaxation, and vitamins C and D, which can help us improve our moods and increase our energy levels.

Consuming sweet potatoes is a great way of helping our bodies resist stress, as well as shielding it against Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D), a common affliction which can cause depression in some individuals during a certain time of the year.



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