Great gift ideas for Secret Santa

  • Sol Rivero

It’s the time of the year for giving! Is your workplace or school organizing a Secret Santa celebration? Don’t dread it! This is the perfect time for being thoughtful, spreading some holiday cheer, and even getting to know some of your colleagues a little better.

Still, it could be a little intimidating, so to help you out we’ve gathered some great gift ideas for Secret Santa that will surely please everyone!  


Great gift ideas for Secret Santa: Gifts for Women

Trying to pick the perfect present for a female colleague? To keep it inexpensive, and if you’re not familiar with what she likes or dislikes, then it’s time for going with basics. What do women want? Luxury, comfort and style!

To cover these, try one of these great gift ideas for Secret Santa:

  • Body products: most women will appreciate any beauty item, like a lipstick or an eye shadow palette. However, it can be very useless if you don’t know what looks best on them. For the perfect beauty treat, make sure you try a home spa set, body lotions or spicy fragrances.
  • A cute scarf: although most women tend to gravitate towards bags or shoes, these can be quite expensive, especially for a Secret Santa present. However, it’s the perfect time for something to protect her from the winter chill. You can even try something unique with a versatile scarf-bracelet –she’ll love it!
  • Artisanal sweets: desserts are holiday staples, and nothing will be better than a box of luxurious chocolates or macaroons to enjoy during the cold months.
  • A cute decoration: women love having a personalized space that looks both charming and comfortable. To complement this, get them a cute decoration for their office or home, like a unique candleholder or a beautiful holiday ornament.


Great gift ideas for Secret Santa: Gifts for Men

Are you the Secret Santa for a guy at your office or school? If you’re a woman, it can be complicated to know just what to get them. But don’t worry! All they want is something fun, practical, or even both at the same time!

Some great gift ideas for Secret Santa you should definitely consider, are:

  • A fun mug or pint: is your colleague a coffee drinker, or does he enjoy a little beer now and then? In any case, a mug, pint or glass with a funny message can be the perfect cheerful Christmas gift for him.
  • A practical keychain: nothing better than having exactly what you need on your pocket! Whether it’s a keychain with a small lantern or pen, or even a good-luck talisman, this is the perfect inexpensive gift for almost any guy.
  • A wallet: the most essential complement to any man’s outfit, a wallet is always the perfect practical and stylish accessory to give your friend.
  • Seasonal food: no one can resist the delicious foods of the holidays, especially men. A bottle of a refreshing seasonal drink, or a lovely Christmas dessert, will be the perfect Secret Santa gift for them.  


Great gift ideas for Secret Santa: Gifts for your boss or teacher

Nothing can be quite as intimidating as having a superior as your Secret Santa! When picking a present for your boss, manager or teacher, always consider elegance, practicality and respect. Try to stay away from gifts that are too general or too personal, and simply pick something in the middle.

Here are some great gift ideas for Secret Santa presents for your superiors:

  • A relaxing gift: whether it’s a body spa set or a massaging gadget, let your superiors know you support their rest and comfort, too.
  • An elegant accessory: a delicate necklace for her, or a pair of cufflinks for him; consider metallic accessories they can wear on any occasion.
  • A monogrammed item: something personalized is always the perfect elegant present for a superior, from a handkerchief with their initials, to a monogrammed wineglass or diary.
  • A desk decoration: does your boss spend a lot of time at the office? Make their day a little easier with a lovely desk decoration: a glamorous photo frame, or a paperweight with an inspiring quote.



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