The best holiday campaigns of 2014

  • Sol Rivero

In just a little over a week we’ll be celebrating the holidays with our loved ones! This is the time of the year for enjoying the little things like good company, timeless friendships and love. But it can also turn us into a Grinch, with all the rushed shopping and stressful planning.

Thankfully, some brands make it easier to get in the Christmas spirit by releasing great advertisements that stay in our minds for days. Today, we’ve gathered some of the best holiday campaigns of 2014 to inspire you and get you in the mood for the holidays!


Best holiday campaign of 2014 #5: Burberry’s From London with Love

As visually impressive as most of Burberry’s campaigns, the brand’s holiday campaign of 2014 tells a story about a winter romance set in London, and encouraged by a fashionable and playful little boy. Does the child look familiar? That’s because it’s Romeo Beckham, son of Victoria and David Beckham!

The ad is inspired by musicals, and it features wonderful dancers and irresistible outfits you’ll simply love!



Best holiday campaign of 2014 #4: Debenhams’ Found it

Which kid has never dreamed with having an entire mall just for themselves? Well, a few of them saw their wish come true! Simple, yet beautiful, Debenhams’ Christmas ad features some naughty children running around a mall at night, and enjoying the Christmas merchandise.

Although it’s short, and has less of a story than some of the other holiday campaigns of this list, this ad truly captures the childlike wonder that makes the holidays special.



Best holiday campaign of 2014 #3: Sainsbury’s Christmas ad

In need of something that reminds you of the wonderful power of the holidays? Sainsbury’s holiday campaign drives inspiration from the 1914 Christmas truce between German and British soldiers, which took place in the midst of World War I, and united the troops in a common celebration.

Sainsbury’s commercial is an impressive visual piece, and it will definitely leave you yearning for the good-spiritedness of the holidays.



Best holiday campaign of 2014 #2: Coca-Cola’s Make someone happy

A beautiful way of showing how easy it can be to spread some holiday cheer, this year’s Coca-Cola ad is full of Christmas joy. Showing multiple stories of people helping others enjoy a nice time, this commercial will remind you that beyond all the gifts and decorations, its kindness what can truly bring happiness to others.  

If you’re feeling stressed, or if you’re struggling to remember what the holidays are about, this is the perfect ad to inspire you!



Best holiday campaign of 2014 #1: John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin

The creators of last year’s The Bear & The Hear come back for this year’s holidays with a wonderful story about a young boy and his lovesick penguin. Like last year’s ad, the story is simple and short, but it highlights the importance of friendship and dreams.

The campaign went viral immediately, already gathering over 19 million visits, and considered one of the best holiday commercials of this year. Check it out, and prepare to be moved by the unexpected ending!



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