Tips for staying warm in cold weather

  • Sol Rivero

Winter is almost here! Although some of you are already experiencing the chill, others still have to wait a few more days for seeing snow-covered streets and enjoying –or dreading- incredibly low temperatures.

We’ve told you before which foods you can include in your diet to stay warm during winter, but, what other daily practices can help you fight the cold? Here are some essential tips for staying warm in cold weather that can give you the answer!


Tips for staying warm in cold weather: Indoors

Enjoying the winter landscape from your home? Not for long! Before you notice, the cold will be sneaking up on your house, making it difficult to even leave your bed. Luckily, you can prepare your home and reduce the effects of the winter chill.

Here are some tips for staying warm in cold weather when you’re indoors:

  • Keep the heat in: a great way of reducing the chill when you’re inside, is to trap the heat inside by blocking creases. Inspect your house and determine which doors and windows need your attention. Then, use pool noodles or thick rags and place them under doors to avoid drafts, and change your curtains to thicker fabrics.   
  • Use your oven: baked meals can be healthier, and using your oven often can also help you stay warm easily.
  • Keep your bed warm: want a comfy and warm bed? Simply place your thickest blankets closer to your body, and stack thinner ones on top to avoid heat lost.
  • Eat properly: the easiest way of staying warm during the coldest months is to simply add the right foods to your diet. Avoid dehydrating beverages like alcohol and caffeine, and add grains and spices to your meals.
  • Stay hydrated: drinking water during winter might not be your first choice, but staying hydrated is extremely important to keep yourself warm. Even if you’re not feeling thirsty, make sure you drink water and hot drinks to keep your body’s moisture.


Tips for staying warm in cold weather: Outdoors

Time to go outside! Leaving the comfort of your home during a cold day might not be your idea of fun, but unfortunately we all most eventually go outside. However, leaving your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you’re properly prepared.

Make sure you follow these tips for staying warm in cold weather when you’re outdoors:

  • Pre-heat your clothes: make sure your body is warm before stepping outside. Place your clothes, accessories and shoes next to a heater, and add chemical warmers inside your gloves and shoes if needed.
  • Dress in layers: everyone instinctively knows that wearing different layers of clothes can help keep you warm during the cold months, but how to do it properly? To protect your body, make sure you keep your torso warm with a base layer made of synthetic materials that can keep your body dry. Then, add a middle layer that can keep the heat in, like a long-sleeved top or a sweater; and include a final waterproof layer, like a jacket.
  • Cover all of your skin: going outside? Avoid exposing your skin. Add a hat, mittens and a versatile scarf to your winter outfit so you can trap the heat in.
  • Eat before leaving: to fight the winter chill when you step outside, you’ll need to consume slow-burning high-fat foods that can give you energy while also keeping your system active throughout the day.
  • Stay active: even if you’re sitting down, make sure you keep blood circulating in your body by moving your extremities regularly. This will help you avoid frostbite and will produce natural heat.



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