Fashion and beauty ideas for the Holidays 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner! With only a few days left for picking the outfits you’ll be rocking during these events, we’ve decided to gather some trends and tips to help you stand out!

Looking for some inspiration? Then check out our fashion and beauty ideas for the Holidays 2014!


Fashion ideas for the Holidays 2014

Looking for something that makes you stand out during this month’s celebrations? Or are you up for something more cozy and simple? Luckily, most of the Fall/Winter trends include both of these traits, so there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for style.

Here are some fashion ideas for the Holidays 2014:

  • Crop top: this year has been perfect for revisiting the staples and trends of the 90’s, so what better way to end 2014 than by wearing the most popular trend of the year? Combine a cute crop top with a tea-length skirt or some loose pants for a more sophisticated yet laidback style.
  • Metallic: clothing in metallic hues has become extremely popular, especially for this time of the year. A metallic dress in an unusual shade can be the perfect choice for an elegant yet fun evening, or if you’re thinking about wearing something a little more subdued, then complementing your outfit with metallic accessories, the favorites of 2014, can be a great option. Make sure you combine metallic pieces with neutral clothing so it can stand out while looking glamorous.
  • Sheer and lace: want to look sexy, yet also elegant? The trend that began last year, with clothes sporting gorgeous details in lace or embroidery, still continues to be extremely popular this year. Feeling a little daring? Try a dress with cut-outs for the Holidays.
  • Bohemian look: it’s been a year of exalting a more natural look, so if you want a comfy yet chic outfit for the holidays, try creating a bohemian look with trendy amulets, floral patterns, and loose clothes.


Beauty ideas for the Holidays 2014

All done with your outfit? Now that you’ve selected what you’re going to wear, it’s time to choose how to complement it with the perfect hairstyle and makeup.

Here are some beauty ideas for the Holidays 2014:

  • Red lips: while other years have presented shimmery metallic lipsticks, this year the trends go back to the basics, with fiery reds as the favorite shade. Add some golden or bronze accents, and turn your lips into a beauty statement.
  • Natural look: one of the most popular trends of the year involves stripping down your palette to nudes and mattes. This is the perfect choice for those of you who want to feel comfy during the holidays. A light golden eye shadow and light shades of lipstick will look perfect for any occasion.
  • Messy updo: the natural look also covers hairstyles. For a chic yet comfy evening, just wear a low ponytail, a half-up half-down do, messy waves, or decorate your head with braids. These hairstyles will look perfect during any occasion, so don’t be afraid to try them out.
  • Glittery nails: shimmery nails in metallic hues have been popular since last year, but for the Holidays 2014, texture will also play an important part. Nail polish with shiny confetti, or nail art with small rhinestones will look perfectly festive.



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