Fashion trends for Winter 2014

  • Sol Rivero

With the winter solstice we celebrate the official start of the new season, meaning it’s the perfect time for checking out the newest and most wearable trends that will be everywhere despite the cold and the snow.

Here are the top fashion trends for winter 2014!


Fashion trends for Winter 2014: the clothes

It’s time to forget about dull and neutral colors! For this season, designers are betting on flashy patterns and textures to get you through the wintry chill.

  • The tops:
    the main piece for this winter 2014 will be the statement coat. Oversized pieces with eye-catching patterns and lots of colors will be the favorites, so don’t be afraid of wearing them. If you prefer something a little less overpowering, then ponchos and capes will be a great alternative.
  • The bottoms: while the combination of pant and dress still continues to be popular, the other fashionable choice that’s growing in popularity for winter 2014 will be the midi skirt. This remnant of last year’s winter will still be chic for this year, and will add softness to your winter apparel.
  • The shoes: for this season, knee-high boots will continue to be the main choice. Don’t be afraid to try statement designs, or neutrals such as gray or earthy hues.
  • The patterns: the top choice for making a statement will be large animal prints.
  • The textures: faux-fur will be everywhere this year, from coats to dresses, don’t be afraid of adding it to your closet. Knitwear and quilted pieces will also be quite popular.
  • The colors: bring light to the coldest time of the year with bright pastels –particularly pink and soft blue- or outfits with metallic accents.


Fashion trends for Winter 2014: the accessories

This season, size and shape will matter due to the two main opposing trends pointing to either minimalism or extravagance.

  • The jewelry: for winter 2014 the favorite complements will be silver jewelry, giving outfits a modern and futuristic look. Opt for delicate geometric accessories, or go with an eye-catching piece with gemstones and details. Another popular trend will be accessories with movement, like large earrings and necklaces with strands of pearls or beads. For a cute alternative, try jewelry with pendants of flying animals, such as birds, butterflies or small dragonflies.
  • The bag: large and eye-catching bags will continue to be popular for this season, with animal prints, geometric shapes and unique designs as the main favorites.
  • The shades: protect your sight with oversized aviators with tinted glasses. The more unusual the color, the better.
  • The hat: the favorite headwear for winter 2014 will be pieces with texture, so try a faux fur hat, or go with an oversized knitted hat.
  • The accessory: the complementary piece for this season will be a large texturized belt. Place it above your coat and around your waist for the perfect chic look.


Fashion trends for Winter 2014: the beauty

It’s the time of the year for a more stripped down makeup and a statement hairstyle!

  • The haircut and hairstyle:
    long hair will look great during winter 2014. Dare to try a slightly unkempt look, with messy waves, ponytails or buns as the favorites of the season. Another popular trend will be the wet look, with glossy hair swept to one side of your face.
  • The hair dye: shades of gold will be the favorites, from golden brown to dirty blond, or the Frozen look with full platinum blond.
  • The nail art: dare to wear nails with some texture, with delicate rhinestone ornaments or nail polish with metallic confetti.
  • The nail color: deep reds, purple, blue or rainbow confetti in metallic hues.
  • The makeup: for winter, make your lips the statement with a deep golden-red lipstick. For the rest of your face, opt for a more neutral palette, and make sure you emphasize your eyebrows. 


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