Best fashion and beauty trends of 2014

  • Sol Rivero

We have only a few more days left until 2015 is here, and it’s the perfect time of the year to take stock of what we added to our wardrobes on this 2014. It was an amazing year, with a little something to fit everyone’s different styles.

Ready to look back? Discover the best fashion and beauty trends of 2014!


Best fashion trends of 2014

This year the main spirit of the runways was “be yourself and stay comfortable”. Designers created more practical collections that could fit everyday life perfectly, finding inspiration in athletic wear and the 90’s trends.

Here are the best fashion trends of 2014:

  • Crop tops: the main trend of the year, this 90’s throwback was everywhere, from 2-piece formal suits, to more casual outfits which fit the trendy laidback, natural look.
  • Amulets: a great way of incorporating something exotic into your wardrobe, trendy amulets and jewelry with chic talismans were extremely popular.
  • Pop culture: the favorite design from the catwalks was pop culture motifs, from patterns to accessories, all fashion items were inspired by logos and items of popular brands.
  • Skin-showing: lace details or cut-outs in dresses and ensembles were some of the most popular fashion trends of the year, spreading old-time glamour and sensuality on the catwalks.    
  • Metallic accessories: a favorite since last year, metallic jewelry combined with eye-catching gems were great accessories for any occasion.
  • Suits: don’t want to wear a dress? Perfect! Women in comfortable and tailored tuxes and suits were extremely popular in 2014.
  • Baggy pants: the greatest way of complementing a laidback outfit, a pair of baggy pants inspired on active wear were a must-have for this year.


Best beauty trends of 2014

Toned-down makeup, short hair and striking colors were the main favorites for 2014, becoming the perfect complements to the athletic and casual look.

These were the best beauty trends of 2014:

  • Nude makeup: the no-makeup makeup trend was huge this year. With a nude palette of eye shadows and lipsticks women were able to create a fresh and healthy look for any season.
  • Bob: short hair was a favorite amongst celebrities, and soon the trend caught on, with everyone ditching long locks for short bobs and quiffs.
  • Messy hair: love long hair? You can still enjoy the comfort of short-hair with messy buns or pigtails. An untidy, imperfect look was the favorite beauty trend of 2014.
  • Statement lips: from red or orange lipstick to deep and darker shades, statement lips were the favorite alternative for a more glamorous look.  
  • Statement hair: another way of standing out was picking an unusual shade like platinum or red for your hair dye.
  • Confetti nails: metallic shades of nail polish have been popular since last year, but for 2014 the trend also adds confetti in sparkly shades for chic and bright nails.


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