Top 14 highlights of 2014

  • Sol Rivero

It’s the final day of the year, and when the clock strikes twelve tonight we’ll be welcoming 2015! It’s the perfect time to look back and celebrate what we loved about 2014. We told you before about the best fashion and beauty trends of 2014, but today we’re listing the highlights of 2014, from music to movies and fashion, in a top 14!

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Top 14 highlights of 2014


14 – Top viral trend of 2014: Ice Bucket Challenge

Originally born as a way of spreading awareness about the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) amongst friends and family, the Ice Bucket Challenge was the biggest viral trend of the summer, with multiple celebrities pouring buckets of ice and water above their heads, and helping gather millions of dollars for research.



13 – Most popular word of 2014: the “heart” Emoji

While words like “selfie” and “pastel” were big last year, the most popular word of 2014 was not a word at all. According to the Global Language Monitor, the “heart” Emoji was the most used term of the year, closely followed by “hashtag”.


12 – Most shocking celebrity news of 2014: Robin Williams’ death

In August of this year most mass media focused on the shocking parting of legendary comedic actor Robin Williams. The news of his untimely demise triggered awareness regarding depression and mental disease, while messages of sympathy and tales about Williams’ good deeds filled social networks and news channels for weeks.


11 – Most shocking celebrity outfit of 2014: Rihanna’s sheer dress

Sheerness has been quite a popular fashion trend since last year, but this year Rihanna was amongst the celebrities who took it one step further. The artist wore a long dress to the CFDA Awards, which was entirely decorated with crystals and designed by Adam Selman, leaving little to the imagination.


10 – Hottest couple of 2014: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

For years, George Clooney has been considered one of the most desired bachelors of Hollywood, and the actor was known for short-term relationships with younger women. However, Clooney met attorney Amal Alamuddin in September of 2013, and early this year they came out as a couple. Finally, on September of 2014 they tied the knot.   


9 – Top celebrity of 2014: Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has become the new American’s sweetheart. Lawrence, who we saw in movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I and X-men: Days of Future Past, was the most talked about celebrity of 2014.


8 – Most popular app of 2014: SnapChat

Although this app first appeared in 2012, it wasn’t until this year that the improved version of SnapChat gained popularity amongst tech lovers. The app allows users to share images, videos and creating video conferences amongst them, thus making it a favorite of 2014.


7 – Best album of 2014: Frozen Original Soundtrack

The Frozen effect continued during 2014. From Frozen dolls to Halloween costumes, and even in music, the Disney film conquered every corner of the entertainment industry. The movie’s original soundtrack was the best album of the year, and the single Let it go by Idina Menzel was one of the most listened songs of 2014.



6 – Best song of 2014: Happy, by Pharrell Williams

The theme song for Despicable Me 2 became the hymn of the year. Happy was heard everywhere during 2014, and according to Billboard it was the hottest song and digital release of the year.



5 – Best new show of 2014: Fargo

Although series based in cult movies have not been that successful in latest years, this reimagining of the Coen brothers’ 1996 film surprised critics, becoming one of the favorite TV shows of 2014.


4 – Best movie of 2014: Boyhood

One of the most talked about films of 2014, Boyhood follows the coming-of-age process of a young boy. The project took 12 years in to make, and it moved critics, becoming one of the favorites for the Academy Awards.



3 – Best jewelry trend of 2014: Amulets

It was a year for bohemian accessories, and amulets were the most popular jewelry trend of 2014. From talismans to zodiac signs and mystic animals, we saw all sort of symbols in bracelets and necklaces.


2 – Best fashion trend of 2014: 90’s fashion

Crop tops, boyfriend jeans…the 90’s were back for 2014! From clothing to accessories, we saw a lot of denim, minimalist accessories and a grunge look at the catwalks.


1 – Best moment of 2014: Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Prize

After advocating for girls’ rights to receive a proper education at Pakistan, and surviving an attack in 2012, Malala Yousafzai’s inspiring story was known worldwide, and this October she became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17. 



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