The best fashion trends from the 2015 Awards Season

  • Sol Rivero

With the Oscars taking place last Sunday, the Awards Season has officially reached its end, but most of us are still talking about the outfits we saw at the main Red Carpets. Today, we take a look at the best fashion trends from the 2015 Awards Season, and tell you which of them you can incorporate to your wardrobe.

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Best fashion trend from the 2015 Awards Season: Long and sharp

From the Grammys to the Academy Awards, there was definitely a widespread sense of glamour taking hold of the Red Carpets. Many of the ensembles opted for a surprising simplicity, with body hugging dresses which embraced every curve, but were long enough to look elegant for the occasions.

Sharp cuts, straight lines, geometrical cut-outs, and solid fabrics were very present this season, contrasting with the ethereal quality of the sheer gowns we saw on previous years.


Best fashion trend from the 2015 Awards Season: Statement accessories

To complement the simplicity of the outfits, celebrities enjoyed a season of taking risks with their jewelry and accessories. From the long drop earrings and eye-catching belts of the Golden Globes, to the return of the colorful statement necklaces at the Academy Awards, it’s the perfect time to add an extravagant touch to your outfits.

Sometimes the gowns themselves seemed to incorporate accessories, such as Lupita Nyong’o’s surprising ensemble with 6000 pearls. If you want to incorporate the celebrity glow to your wardrobe, just make sure you opt for large accessories with eye-catching beads or designs in white or silver. You don’t have to wear a full pearl gown, but you can definitely incorporate a layered pearl necklace and call it a day!


Best fashion trend from the 2015 Awards Season: Plunging necklines

The perfect complement to a bodycon ensemble is an eye-catching cut-out that reveals some skin, and during this year’s Awards Season the trend took shape with plunging and revealing necklines which left little to the imagination.

The trend was perfect for adding sensuality to otherwise simple ensembles, while also giving celebrities the opportunity of playing with statement accessories, such as necklaces with eye-catching gemstones and long drop earrings.


Best fashion trend from the 2015 Awards Season: Silver and blush

While we did see some colorful outfits in the Red Carpets of the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, most of the ceremonies were surprisingly simple when it came to colors. Gowns in basic white or black were everywhere, but the favorites were definitely metallic dresses in striking silver, or romantic embroidered gowns in blush hues.

If you’re not a fan of wearing clothing in these colors, you can still incorporate them to your ensembles through accessories: silver accents or rose gold jewelry are perfect for staying trendy and chic. Just add a sterling silver evil eye bracelet to your outfit and you’ll be ready to go!



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