Top 5 famous jewelry lovers

  • Sol Rivero

All women love a little bling, so it’s not surprising that some celebrities share our deep adoration for gorgeous accessories. Some actresses and personalities from the entertainment industry have even ventured into fashion design due to their passion, or have become widely known for their large collections of trinkets.

If you consider yourself a true fashionista, then you’ll definitely want to know the top 5 famous jewelry lovers. Check them out!


Top famous jewelry lover #5: Madonna

Madonna is not only a legendary pop artist, she has also given fashion lovers some of the most iconic anthems such as “Vogue” and “Material Girl”. Never afraid to push the boundaries, Madonna has walked the Red Carpets wearing all types of jewelry: from classic earrings studded with large diamonds, to bohemian sterling silver Hamsa Hand necklaces.

Madonna has also inspired some accessories collections, and even ventured into fashion and jewelry design alongside her daughter.


Top famous jewelry lover #4: Mariah Carey

Another singer with a soft spot for accessories, Mariah Carey owns quite a large jewelry collection, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it during any occasion. A fan of sparkly, large and eye-catching items, Carey has even designed some collections on her own.

Although we don’t know much about it, Carey’s collection might even rival that of other artists in the list, since even her ex-husband gave up on presenting her with more jewelry, since she already had too much.


Top famous jewelry lover #3: Marlene Dietrich

Actresses are also inclined to fall for beautiful jewels! In the late 20s, German actress Marlene Dietrich conquered Hollywood with a unique and strong attitude. Although she became known for almost masculine roles, Dietrich, like most women, loved a good piece of jewelry.

As she collected more accessories, she began incorporating them into her roles. She loved her jewels so much, she would not take them off, even while she cooked!  


Top famous jewelry lover #2: Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford also adored jewelry, and was known for collecting a wide range of large accessories with precious and semi-precious stones. However, the artist was a fan of sapphires, and even received the nickname of “Joan Blue”, due to the color of her favorite gemstone.

The actress would also stack and layer rings and bracelets with large colorful stones, creating an extravagant but glamorous look that would become her personal signature.


Top famous jewelry lover #1: Elizabeth Taylor    

Undoubtedly the most well-known famous jewelry lover, the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor expressed her passion for accessories throughout her life, and even managed to own an amazing collection of beautiful items which could rival even those from the Royal Crown. Amongst them, people could find tiaras, bracelets, necklaces and rings, most of which were, unsurprisingly, gifts from lovers and admirers.

Her collection consisted mostly of jewelry with large gemstones, such as emeralds and diamonds; and also a wide amount of pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets, including the largest pearl accessory in history, known as La Peregrina.



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