Fashion trends for Spring 2015

  • Sol Rivero

It’s been a long and rough winter! But luckily for us, the warm and fresh months are about to begin! It’s time to check out our wardrobe and store the thickest clothes for the end of the year.

To help you prepare the perfect ensembles for the new season, we give you the scoop on the top fashion trends for spring 2015! Discover the clothes, the accessories and the beauty that you’ll definitely want to add to your look!


Fashion trends for Spring 2015: the clothing

Get ready to look your best with a bohemian, yet elegant, style! Prepare to look back in time, and let yourself be inspired by psychedelic designs and colorful patterns.

Here are the main clothing trends for Spring 2015:

  • The tops: the two main trends are masculine comfort –polo shirts, shirtdresses, kimono-inspired coats-, and flirty light tops –one-shoulder shirts, colorful soft dresses, shirts with fringes and layers-. The main inspiration comes from the 70’s, so make sure you study that decade’s fashion and incorporate your favorite traits to your look.
  • The bottoms: it’s the perfect time for enjoying a more laidback style than in previous seasons. For spring 2015, enjoy the comfort of baggy jeans, loose fringed skirts and culottes. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the sun by showing off your legs: short skirts and cutouts are the trend to try.
  • The shoes: it’s all about comfort this season. Sneakers and stylish flats are the main trend, but if you prefer something a little more eye-catching, then make sure you try the gladiator trend in knee-high boots or heels, or go full 70’s with platforms.
  • The patterns: a nice spin on the Fall/Winter plaid, for spring 2015 the checker pattern will be the main favorite, seen everywhere from clothing to bags. As seen in previous seasons, we’ll still enjoy geometric and ethnic designs, while the usual floral will also make its appearance.
  • The textures: flowing clothing will be the favorite this season, with flirty textures such as silk and chiffon taking the main stage. However, equally popular for spring 2015, many outfits incorporated an edgier amount of leather, and some comfy denim as the perfect chic touch.
  • The colors: the runways were full of color for spring 2015. However, the most eye-catching hues were yellow, pink, blue, and classic combinations such as black and white, and blue and white.


Fashion trends for Spring 2015: the accessories

To complement your spring style, you’ll need to balance elegance with a more bohemian look with 70s, ethnic and Asian inspiration. It’s the perfect season to try something new, or rescue a few items from your parents’ closet!

Here are the main accessories trends for Spring 2015:

  • The jewelry: to complement the bohemian trend and add it a touch of elegance, the spring 2015 catwalks suggested incorporating metallic jewelry such as golden pendants, layered metallic rings and oversized cuff bracelets. If you prefer to follow the hippie vibe of the season, you can also opt for eye-catching talismans or colorful accessories with threads or leather.
  • The bag: for this season, forget about minimalistic accessories and opt for large colorful handbags with abstract floral patterns, or 70’s-inspired saddle bags to complement the bohemian look.
  • The shades: the sun will be in full force in the next months, and to protect your eyes make sure you try eye-catching retro-inspired sunglasses, or add a touch of color to your look with glasses in bright hues.
  • The hat: we saw a lot of different headwear on the spring 2015 runways, but the main favorites for protecting you against the sun are definitely turbans, chic caps and floppy hats.
  • The statement accessory: the belt is the accessory that holds every outfit together, and for this spring 2015 it became the “it” item to have. Make a statement with an obi belt in either a matching or contrasting hue.


Fashion trends for Spring 2015: the beauty

How to give your look the finishing touch it needs? Through the perfect hairstyle and makeup, of course!

Here are the top beauty trends for Spring 2015:

  • The haircut and hairstyle: what better way to complement the fresh spirit of spring 2015 than with laidback look? Undone hairstyles are the favorites of the season achieved through messy braids and waves. For something a little more put-together, opt for Japanese-inspired buns or slicked-back long ponytails.
  • The hair dye: it’s the perfect time for a more natural look. If you’re thinking of trying a new hair color, then solid brown, auburn red and caramel blond are the perfect shades to create a stylish look this season.
  • The nail art: the most popular trend of the season is the negative space nail art, achieved through bright colors and decorated with 3D embellishments.
  • The nail color: the top colors to try for spring 2015? Yellow, white, pink, blue and bright red.
  • The makeup: the perfect way to add a chic touch to your bohemian look this season is wearing the proper makeup. A combination of black eyeliner with smoky brown eyeshadow or bright colors; or even statement lips in dashing shades, will help you create a wonderful style during spring 2015.



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