Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2015 Color Palette

  • Sol Rivero


As the new season begins, it’s only right to check out which trends we can add to our wardrobes so we can look stylish and fresh while enjoying the warmer months. Since Pantone is the global authority when it comes to colors, we’re bringing you the full report on the hues that dominated the runways, and will soon flood the market in every department: from home decoration to fashion!

Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2015 Color Palette

The new season is here, and designers have decided to welcome it with a color palette inspired by nature and inviting relaxation. With hues inspired by tropical places, the 70’s folkloric style and with an evident ethnic influence, it’s definitely the perfect time to enjoy soft pastels, bright colors and earthy shades.



Spring/Summer 2015 – Blue-Greens

Celebrating the spirit of nature, Pantone has included a wide range of blues and greens to their Spring/Summer 2015 color palette report. From relaxing shades of blue to vibrant greens, everyone can find the perfect hue to complement their style.

Here are the Spring/Summer 2015 Blues:

  • Aquamarine: a soft and neutral shade of blue, the aquamarine shade is perfect for a smooth transition from winter to spring. Add it to a light coat, or wear it on a cute floral purse to complement your outfit.
  • Dusk Blue: somewhat darker than the aquamarine, the dusk blue hue contains grey undertones that add a touch of mystery to this relaxing shade. Wear it on a statement necklace or a pair of elegant boots.
  • Scuba Blue: vibrant and fun, scuba blue transmits the excitement of a clear tropical sea. This shade is perfect for a beautiful swimsuit, or a gorgeous pendant.
  • Classic Blue: perfect for a lady with a strong and unique character, the classic blue shade can be added to your wardrobe through a suit or a chic bracelet.

Tired of all those watery shades? Here are the Spring/Summer 2015 Greens:

  • Lucite Green: with a minty undertone, the Lucite green is a bright and light shade that will look wonderful on everyone’s skin tone. Wear it on dresses, or a statement bracelet.
  • Treetop: clearly inspired by woods and nature, the treetop hue will look great when paired with camo patterns or as a delicate accessory.
  • Woodbine: a green with brown undertones, this unusual dusky shade is perfect for a 70’s or tribal look.


Spring/Summer 2015 – Sunny and Floral Colors

Fun, feminine and versatile, some of the colors of this year’s Spring/Summer 2015 palette have also been inspired by the kind nature of the season, with designers finding their muse in the playful shades of the sunlight and the flowers.

Here are the vibrant Spring/Summer 2015 Sunny Colors:

  • Toasted Almond: a unique shade that embraces the warmth of the upcoming months with style, toasted almond is great for hats, trousers or metallic accessories.
  • Custard: is anyone else dreaming with long days in the beach? Fashion designers definitely are, and with the sandy and cheerful custard shade it’s definitely possible to add the spirit of the summer days through your outfit. Wear it in ethnic patterns or stackable bracelets.
  • Tangerine: vibrant, natural and fresh, you can wear this chic shade through statement accessories.
  • Sandstone: darker than the other shades, sandstone is a little more elegant and stylish, yet equally fresh and warm.

Looking for something a little more feminine? Some of the hues carry the freshness of the spring! Here are the Spring/Summer 2015 Floral Colors:

  • Strawberry Ice: this fresh shade of pink is perfect for any girl who wants to feel feminine without looking too childish. Add it to your look with floral jewelry.
  • Marsala: the official color of the year, the reddish brown shade of Marsala is a stylish option for the elegant lady, and it will look great on dresses or a statement accessory.
  • Lavender: soft and reminiscent of last year’s Radiant Orchid, Lavender is a wonderful shade you can add to your wardrobe through flowery dresses or a cute bracelet.


Spring/Summer 2015 – Neutrals

Like every season, the Spring/Summer 2015 runways also included a few hues that are easy to combine with almost every other shade. For the warmer months, designers chose to add a few icy and metallic touches that will create balance by complementing the more colorful hues.  

These are the Spring/Summer 2015 neutrals:

  • Glacier Gray: although it wasn’t that popular in womenswear, this soft shade of grey will look great in details such as statement accessories or in a full patterned ensemble.
  • Titanium: charming and easy to combine, titanium is a great replacement for the classic black, adding style and elegance to any outfit. Wear it in a jacket or fitted blazer, or through small details such as a statement necklace.

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