Fashion essentials for Easter weekend 2015

  • Sol Rivero

Easter is just around the corner! This weekend we will all have some time to relax and enjoy a wonderful time next to our families and friends. However, this doesn’t mean we have to give up on looking stylish!

It’s the perfect occasion for comfortable outfits and chic accessories, and today we are giving you the scoop on what to take on your trip, as well as some great ideas on what to wear! Here are the fashion essentials for Easter weekend 2015!


Fashion essentials for Easter weekend 2015: What to take

Many of us will be heading back to our hometowns or travelling to a tropical paradise to enjoy the holidays with our families and friends, and although we couldn’t be more excited about the idea of enjoying a few stress-free days, there’s no denying that the preparation for the trip is definitely a very hectic time! 

To help you out, we took the time to check the main spring fashion trends and tell you exactly what to take on your trip. Here are the fashion essentials for Easter weekend that you must have on your suitcase:


Easter weekend 2015: the clothing

Easter is a time for leisure and fun. Since you’ll probably be going to a few meetings with your loved ones, and considering the slightly warmer weather, you should concentrate on taking just a few versatile items that you can combine in different ways to create chic and fresh outfits.

Here are some fashionable spring essentials you should definitely place on your suitcase:

  • A fresh white shirt: the favorite staple of warm weather, it’s perfect and easy to combine with any ensemble and for any occasion.
  • A shirtdress: perfect for a casual outing, this spring 2015 trend is comfortable and looks great on everyone.
  • Baggy jeans: this comfy bottom is perfect for any occasion, and they’re back in fashion for this spring.
  • A colorful dress: the 70’s are back for this spring 2015, so make sure you add it to your wardrobe with a colorful patterned dress.  
  • A bright coat: is it cold at your Easter destination? Enjoy the spirit of spring nonetheless with a colorful coat in bright pastels or shiny materials.



Easter weekend 2015: the shoes

It’s always difficult to pick which shoes to take with you when you’re going on a trip. For Easter weekend, you’ll want to stay comfortable and fresh, while also prepared for any meeting which requires a little more glamour.

Here are some chic spring essentials that will help you look great whether you’re going to the beach with your family, or meeting your friends for a few drinks:

  • Monochromatic flats: stylish ballerina flats are certainly back for spring 2015, and they’re the perfect choice for adding elegance and femininity to any semi-formal or casual outfit.
  • Studded sandals: great for a walk at the park or to stay at home and enjoy a delicious family meal, a cute pair of studded sandals will look great with any 70’s-inspired outfit, giving it a touch of elegance to your look.
  • Sneakers: like sandals, these spring essentials are great for informal occasions, but they’ll keep you a little warmer in case it’s still cold outside, so add them to your luggage if the weather requires it.



Easter weekend 2015: the accessories

The perfect way to add glamour to your outfit is through the proper accessories. While Easter weekend is a great time for laidback outfits, you can still give it a chic spin using the proper complements, and for this season the trends are celebrating anything that looks vintage or has an ethnic inspiration.

These are the essential spring accessories that will help you create the best outfits on this Easter weekend:

  • A metallic pendant: one of the most popular and easy-to-wear trends for this season are golden necklaces, so find a pendant that captures your personality and use it complement your ensembles.
  • Stackable bracelets: going to a concert or staying at home? Just add a few stackable bracelets with beads and color, and your outfit will look chic no matter the occasion!
  • A colorful bag: going out? The best way to add some personality to your outfit is to add a statement bag with a colorful and eye-catching design.
  • Colorful sunglasses: don’t forget that the sunny seasons have begun! Make sure you add some chic sunglasses with tinted lenses to your outfit so you can protect your eyes while looking glamorous.
  • An obi belt: the “it” accessory for this season, this chic item is perfect for complementing a dress or adding it on top of a colorful coat.


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