Festival season fashion and beauty trends for 2015

Festival season fashion and beauty trends for 2015

  • Sol Rivero

The sunny season means one thing: it’s time for the music festivals to start! The festival season has already begun, with the best known event taking place this weekend as Coachella’s first set of concerts take place.

Since sunlight, music and fashion are the perfect companions, it’s the best moment for checking out the trends and giving you some great tips on what to wear if you’ll be enjoying a spring/summer concert. Here are the festival season fashion trends for 2015 you should definitely know!


Festival season fashion trends for 2015

It’s time to show some skin and enjoy the sunlight and the freshness of the season! During the latest years, musical festivals have become a fashion event on their own, recognized by hippie looks inspired by ethnicity and the joy of the warm season.

For 2015, some of the more common trends will disappear, while we’ll see more looks inspired by the 70s. Here are some of the festival season fashion trends for 2015 you shouldn’t miss out:

  • Clothing: the trend for this year is to enjoy a more romantic and hippie look, directly inspired by the 70s. The best way to add this trend to your look is to pick long dresses of breezy blouses with fringed details or lace. For something a little sturdier for the rough girl, select trendy denim shirtdresses and complement them with chic accessories.   
  • Shoes: when you’re preparing your look for an outdoors concert you must consider both comfort and style when picking your shoes. Forget about going barefoot, and select some statement sneakers, gladiator sandals or fringed boots, depending on the kind of environment. And don’t forget to protect your feet with sunscreen!
  • Jewelry: jewelry and accessories are perfect for adding a great ethnic touch to your look. For 2015, add elegance and mystery to your look using some trendy necklaces with amulets and bracelets with animal charms. The timeless trend for music festivals is to wear stackable bracelets, so make sure you add metallic bangles so you can add a little glamour to your outfit.
  • Accessories: looking for some other “it” items you can add to your outfit? This year you can look unique with a fringed bandanna wrapped around your neck, or try a pair of colorful sunglasses for a fun and chic touch that will also protect your eyesight.
  • Headwear: this festival season welcomes back the 70’s wide-brimmed fedoras as a great way of protecting your head against the sun while also looking stylish. If you prefer something a little more romantic, give a try to the timeless flower crowns, but dare to try real flowers for 2015.
  • Bags: want to carry your essentials with style? Enjoy the festival season with a trendy crochet or patchwork bucket bag for a perfect ethnic look, or add some color to your outfit with a statement colorful handbag with spring details such as floral designs.   



Festival season beauty trends for 2015

Is your outfit ready? Then it’s time to add the final touches to your look: dashing hair, romantic makeup and a few details to perfect the bohemian style. Just like with this year’s spring/summer fashion, 2015’s festival season beauty trends are inspired by the freshness and carelessness of the 70’s.

Here are the festival season beauty trends for 2015 you should definitely try:

  • Makeup: the nude trend continues for this season, but eye-catching details are welcome so you can add a few unique touches to your look. The biggest trend is metallic eyes, achieved with crystals or metallic eyeliner on the bottom eyelid for a cat-eye alternative; or statement lips, with stunning lipstick shade as a way of adding a glamorous look to your face.     
  • Hairstyle: messy hairstyles continue to be the favorites for this season, and for this year’s festival season you can enjoy the comfort and style of the bohemian look with messy braids paired with a lovely floral crown, or lazy waves, complemented with a chic wide-brimmed fedora.
  • Nail art: looking for something fun to complement your stacked bracelets? The best way to do it is through some colorful nail art, but for this year you can try something a little different than the usual patterned nails. The biggest trend is the negative space, and you can achieve it with seasonal bright pastels for a cute spring look.  




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