Jewelry trends: animal amulets and their meaning

Jewelry trends: animal amulets and their meaning

  • Sol Rivero

Since the beginning of time, humankind has admired nature and learned to coexist with its fellow creatures. Animals have become companions, friends and sources of inspiration, and in many cultures they’ve been worshipped as divinities or considered spiritual guides.

Jewelry and fashion has also been inspired by them, with a wide variety of animal patterns as well as animal pendants that represent the abilities and features of these creatures.

Today, we take a look at one of the most popular jewelry trends from the latest years: discover some of the animal amulets and their meaning!


Jewelry trends: animal amulets and their meaning

Talismans that represent animals have been prevalent in different cultures for centuries. In many societies popular pets such as cats and dogs, wild creatures like tigers or wolves, and even unpleasant creatures such as insects, were considered omens, representations of gods, or could bestow special skills to their wearers.

The meaning can vary from one place to another. In Egypt, for example, scarab beetles represent rebirth, while in certain cultures these small fellows can represent security and a grounded mind. In China animals are important members of the zodiac and represent different personalities, while in places such as India many of the deities have animalistic features.

Every animal has a different connotation and importance, and it’s common to wear them as a way of showing admiration or adopting their abilities.

Here’s the meaning behind some of the most popular animal amulets:

  • Dragonfly: in places from Asia, dragonflies are considered a symbol of joy, while Native American cultures linked these animals to renewal, and due to their short life-span they were also considered an invitation to live life to the fullest.
  • Elephant: an amulet with an elephant pendant represents strength and intelligence. They also represent a long memory, and they’ve been admired in many mythologies, with the Hindu god Ganesh as one of the most well-known embodiments.
  • Fox: although it gained popularity in recent years due to the hit YouTube song “What does the fox say?”, these lovely creatures have always been admired as magical and clever animals.
  • Horse: this beautiful animal has been one of humankind’s most beloved companion, and for many cultures it represents wisdom and freedom.
  • Lion: one of the most striking and admired animals in nature, the lion has become a symbol of nobility, strength and courage.
  • Owl: one of the most popular talismans of the latest years, owls are considered representations of intelligence and clairvoyance.
  • Turtle: due to their long life and their connection to earth, these creatures represent longevity and the essential energy of nature.
  • Wolf: in many cultures these dangerous but fascinating animals are considered symbols of loyalty, strength and wisdom.


How to wear animal amulets

So you’re a fan of animal amulets? Want to add them to your outfit and still look great in the process? Luckily for you, this spring/summer season is the perfect time to enjoy this chic trend, combining it with the fashionable 70s and bohemian style.

Here are some tips on how to wear animal amulets you should definitely keep in mind:

  • Go bold: animals are connected to wildness and fierceness, so don’t be afraid to try eye-catching prints or crazy ensembles when you’re wearing your animal amulets. Animal prints with an animal pendant? Yes, please! Let your rough side come out for this season!
  • Mix it up: a very popular trend we’ve been seeing in every runway is that of layered accessories. Combine an animal pendant with a necklace of a different length, or mix your bracelets, merging a simple animal talisman bracelet with cuffs or cute thread accessories.
  • But keep it simple: yes, a little audacity is the perfect complement to an outfit that includes animal amulets, but beware to not overdo it or you’ll spoil the effect! Complement your talisman with accessories that have the proper textures and hues, and make sure your animal amulet becomes the statement of your look.
  • Opt for elegance: not a fan of wearing animal accessories? Wear the animal trend with glamour! An elegant accessory slightly inspired by the wilderness will do, like a stylish sabre necklace, shaped as a feline’s tooth.  


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