Fashion trends for Summer 2014

  • Sol Rivero

The sunniest season of the year begins this week! Time to get our wardrobe ready and celebrate! Today, we give you the scoop about the top fashion trends for summer 2014 on clothes, accessories and beauty!

Ready for summer?


Fashion trends for Summer 2014: the clothes

It’s the time of the year for loose, short and fresh clothes, yet there was a decidedly fierce look on the catwalks which you can incorporate to your wardrobe for the summer 2014 season. Here are some of the pieces you’ll need for a chic summer season:

  • The tops:
    for the sensual and body-confident girl: crop tops; for the bohemian and relaxed chic: the shirt-dress. These two recycled pieces are throwbacks to the past, yet with the proper modern twist they’ll look simply stunning.
  • The bottom: for a comfortable summer 2014 look, culottes and wide-leg pants are the favorites. If you're into these large pants, then tea-length skirts will be perfect for you.
  • The shoes: it’s the season for comfy and low-heel shoes! The favorites for summer: statement flats and espadrilles.
  • The patterns: floral prints are still “in”, yet the favorites for summer 2014 are definitely the artistic patterns inspired by renowned paintings, and colorful animal prints.   
  • The texture: add an extra chic touch to any outfit with the favorites: pleated fabric and fringes. Add the fresh factor to your summer look with sheer fabric.
  • The colors: the main hue of the season continues to be orange, yet bright pastels are still super popular for summer 2014.


Fashion trends for Summer 2014: the accessories

The best way to properly complement and personalize an outfit is by using the right kind of accessories. For summer 2014, large and edgy accessories are definitely the favorites of the season. Here are some of the trendiest items:

  • The jewelry:
    for this season it’s all about the eye-catching items. The pieces you must have: metallic cuff bracelets, a pearls necklace, a woven bracelet, a chain necklace, and sheer earrings.
  • The bag: bags are no longer complements, but they are fashion statements on their own. Colorful and unique handbags and large backpacks are the two favorites for this season.
  • The shades: cat-eyes have been the most popular makeup technique of the last seasons, but for summer 2014 you can also incorporate it to your accessories with beautiful cat-eye sunglasses.
  • The hat: want to give your hairstyle something extra? The turban hat with a bold print is the “it” accessory for summer 2014.  


Fashion trends for Summer 2014: beauty

Finally, what better way to give your outfit the finishing touch than with the proper beauty tweaks? Here are the fashion trends for summer 2014 you’ll be seeing everywhere:

  • The haircut and hairstyle:
    the tousled bob is definitely the favorite haircut for a fresh summer 2014, while the favorite hairstyle will be the messy braids.  
  • The hair dye: eye-catching hues such as platinum blond and fiery red will be everywhere this season.

  • The nail art:
    the trick is in shiny nails: embellished nails or glittery nail polish will do the trick for summer 2014.
  • The nail color: go classic with white, or use a romantic shade of blush hues such as golden rose.
  • The makeup: it’s time for some edgy looks! The favorites: rose eye shadow, orange lipstick and large black eyeliner.


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